Anti-inflammatory property of biomaterial carotenoids production by Rhodobacter sphaeroides WL-APD911
Wen Tung Wu, Wen Sheng Liu

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 287 - 290)


A Rhodobacter sphaeroides WL-APD911 with the capability of producing the end products of neurosporene and ξ-carotene, rather than the normal end products of spheroidene, was isolated from hundreds of strains by using chemical mutagenesis. The strain WL-APD911 grew well in LB medium, and the colored carotenoids were produced within 3 days of incubation at 30?. The Rs-M of colored carotenoid extracts obtained from strain WL-APD911 by using methanol extraction inhibited the NO production and iNOS expression by LPS-induced RAW 264.7 cells. This probability of reason for the Rs-M as the best source was to prompt the anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation in nutraceutical products. Finally, the carotenoid extracts (Rs-M) with neurosporene and ξ-carotene was called lycogene to be a newly biomaterial.