Asia-Pacific Biotech Developing Inc. was founded by Mr. Wen-Sheng Liu in January 2003. We are a distributor of medical products and our main work is to open the marketing network in hospitals and related business institutions. Since the new Life Sciences Research and Development Department was established in June 2005, our business has been extended into research field. Now we provide molecular biology test service and cooperate with domestic medical institutions, schools, and government agencies to enhance our research capability for developing new products and bring them into clinical practices.

“Innovation, Sincerity“ are our foundation stones, and Asia-Pacific Biotech Developing Inc. will devote our self to benefiting human health.

2003 Jan Asia Pacific Developing Inc. was founded.
2005 May Transformed company name to Asia Pacific Biotech Developing Inc.(APD)
Jun Obtained the permission of investment in Export Processing Zone Administration


We innovate and bring our expertise to develop and open up a new life. The goal at the present stage:

  • Short term:We provide cooperative medical institutions clinical research of molecular biology and develop new testing platforms of biotechnology.
  • Medium term:We will use our research capability in microorganism field to develop new functional whitening cosmetics and health products.
  • Long term:In the future, we will concentrate on developing special short-chain peptides and cancer therapeutics.

The future of APD will have more in-depth technology in four major areas including cancer treatment, cardiovascular disease, cosmetics and cultivated strains. We wish we can open a new pharmaceutical market by our innovation of R & D and positive attitudes.

Core Technology

Microorganism Field:

  • The technology of ferment and extraction in patent microorganism
  • The application of patent microorganism in cosmetic and health food

Medical Field:

  • The innovation and development of medical technology
  • The development of cancer pharmaceutical

Agriculture Field:

  • The application of new prescription in chicken feeds