LycogenTM added to chicken feed to increase egg production rate and extend production phage/p>

Not affect fertilization rate and hatching rate, seems to increase the fertilization rate and hatching rate of the phenomenon

  1. Increase egg production rate
  2. --Broiler breeder hens(Detail)
  3. --Red-feathered Taiwan Country Chicken(Detail)
  4. Extend production phase(Detail)
  5. Fertilization rate and hatching rate(Detail)

Broiler breeder hens

Feed formula B increase egg production rate 54.9% for Broiler breeder hens.

Red-feathered Taiwan Country Chicken

Feed formula C increase egg production rate 20.6% for red-feathered Taiwan Country Chicken.

Extend production phase

Extend production phage 20%.

Fertilization rate and hatching rate