What is LycogenTM


Asia-Pacific Biotech Developing Inc. successfully cultivated and discovered patented bacterial strain LycogenTM (WL-APD911) with a breakthrough technology in natural mutation. Beneficial microorganisms can only be cultured through bio-fermentation technology instead of chemically synthesized.  Well-known beneficial microorganisms are photosynthetic bacteria, probiotics, yeast, actinomycosis, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria etc.

The beneficial ingredients cultured from fermentation process and secretion of fermentation includes metabolites, coenzymes, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and protease. These beneficial microorganisms cannot be a mass produced in the past but with utilization of breakthrough modern bio-fermentation technology, exploitation of different medium, conditions, and successfully cultured mass volume of active beneficial microbial agents.  Different LycogenTM products then are produced with distinctive formulation according to the desired efficacy and purpose.

LycogenTM products are cultured in several methods to deliver different product categories. LycogenTM has whitening, spot reducing, anti-aging and wrinkle efficacy that can be used in skincare products. LycogenTM also effectively stimulates UV-induced collagen decomposition and promotes collagen growth as well anti-inflammatory and repair damage to the skin. LycogenTM has been proven to promote healthy liver and spleen, enhance human immune system and reduction in prostate gland hypertrophy condition. LycogenTM can be developed into various skincare and nutritional supplements and with all the beneficial substances mentioned above, all of them are presented natural organic form that can be easily absorb by human and animal thus greatly enhance the efficacy of all LycogenTM products.

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HPLC Analysis


Through distinctive medium, various extracts can be obtained to develop into different LycogenTM products