LycogenTM can be applied to skin care, healthy food and feed.

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The patent strain (WL-APD911) was developed by Asia-Pacific Biotech Developing Inc. Lycogen extracted form WL-APD911 that was certified for Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science by stability, cytotoxicity, and skin primary and cumulative test. Lycogen was provided with melatonin whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle, and inhibit UV-induced collagen breakdown, promote collagen and anti-inflammatory capacity which confirmed with cell and animal experiments. Added in health food had to protect the liver and spleen, and improve your immune system. In another hand, Lycogen added to chicken feed to increase egg production rate. Therefore, Lycogen can develop into a variety of product applications to different needs of customers.

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  • Skin care
  • 嫩白效果
  • 飼料添加應用